CENCO investment and construction joint stock company

This is a brief description of the background and organization of our companies CENCO Investment and Construction joint stock company (CENCO), Vietnam.  In case of contract awarded, SWS Consulting Engineering S.r.l. will act as lead firm of the association.

Successful management of worldwide water, sanitation  and irrigation programmes gained over more than 8 years long working  experience;

Significant experience in all services related to Water Supply and Wastewater sector, ranging from feasibility studies and preliminary designs, through procurement and final designs, to supervision of construction of irrigation schemes, including recent experience in South-East Asia;

Strong familiarity with international projects, regulations and requirements having multitude of working experience with multilateral institutions;

Remarkable experience in management of works contracts under FIDIC Conditions (Red Book and Yellow Book and EU (PRAG);

Deep familiarity with South-Asia countries, in particular with Vietnam where the Consortium has a wide experience in engineering projects related to various infrastructure facilities including Water Supply, Sanitation, Capacity building and strengthening;

Accumulated knowledge in monitoring of environmentally friendly facilities: water supply, irrigation system, dams, sewerage, wastewater treatment, drainage etc …;

2 and advice for irrigation users;

Positive financial and managerial structure with a JV. overall annual turnover of around 1,3 million Euro on average in the last three years for consulting services only;

A pool of highly qualified experts;

Good knowledge of the regional contest and the institutional and legal framework.

CENCO Investment and Construction joint stock company is a private engineering firm based in Hanoi, specialized in sector studies, design, supervision construction activities, training and project management mostly concerned with urban and rural infrastructures (Water, waste water, Transports, Energy and Environment).

CENCO Investment and Construction joint stock company, as an independent enterprise legal and financial autonomy, operating under the Enterprise Law.

CENCO Investment and Construction joint stock company have certificates of business registration No. 0106042747, by the Department of Planning and Investment – Hanoi City.

CENCO provided services by the firm cover the entire project cycle from Preliminary Investigation, Feasibility studies, to Detailed engineering design, Work Supervision, Technical Assistance and Contract Management.

The company has been operative in Europe for more years and boasts also a consolidated overseas experience in Vietnam and Laos.

Environment and Sanitation:

CENCO Jsc., commit to minize the negative impact on environment. We provide support on institutional, private and community at the last stage. Our rich experienced experts shall ensure compliance by developing environment management plans (EMP) and integrating environment indicators into performance measurement framework. Our specific services include: Feasibility study, basic design, planning, blood management, construction, water resource, management, technical design of environment infrastructure, environment monitoring and evaluating, invornment impacts assessment (EIA), pollution monitoring and controlling, sanitation, waste water and solid waste management; land resource protection.

Workshop cumulative impact assessment, feasibility of intact river management, and optimized water management on the Ma river

Water and Waste Water:

The scope of services CENCO offers in this field ranges from the identification stage to the preparation of feasibility studies and master plans, to detailed design, preparation of tender documents, supervision and provision of technical assistance, monitoring and evaluating. In the aspect of technical assistance, CENCO has the capacity to provide an engineering team and technical support staff who can offer a complete range of technical assistance services, including: Operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities; Training of personnel; Technical audits; Geographical Information Systems to monitor the pressure flows in the networks, detect and repair leaks, and manage water quality and emergency situations; Customer management; Equipment procurement.

Wastewater treatment plant Bim Son

Infrastructure development consultancies:

Infrastructure development is a critical issue in many countries, especially in developing countries like Vietnam. CENCO both experience and expertise in working in difficult and often conflict prone environments to implement infrastructure development projects which support the renewal of local communities and build government capacity to provide services to their populace. CENCO Expert’s teams work with top quality international and local partners in infrastructure project design. CENCO generally works as a subcontractor responsible for providing local experts and professional staff, and administrative, legal and logistical support. Their rich and varied expertise in infrastructure development helps us ensure proper financial management and quality control in all infrastructure projects we are a part of. In this field of crucial issues, CENCO has competencies in the following areas: Preparation of investment plans, feasibility studies, preliminary designs, and surveys, Technical design and detailed construction designs, Safeguard policy assistance (environment, resettlement and ethnic minorities), Socio-economic surveys and project formulation as required by donors, Provision of financial, economic, institutional and social consultants for project design, Comprehensive project management and implementation support in planning, procurement, disbursement, financial management, reporting, and human resources management, Public-private partnerships.


CENCO has in-house technical experience as well as contacts at the managerial and institutional level that can offer technical support to projects in energy sub-sectors, including Hydropower and Thermal power. We provide energy analysis and planning, environmental management, conceptual design, engineering, procurement, project management, construction management and asset management. Additional energy services include: Feasibility Studies Due Diligence Studies Master Planning and Design Environmental Impact Assessments Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening HR Development and Training.

Perspective photo Hydropower Tat Ngoang – Son La province

Disaster Management and GIS Consultancy:

To meet the rapidly changing demand for training assistance and institutional strengthening, CENCO, in collaboration with its international associates, offers a flexible package of training and project services tailored to the needs of its clients in terms of content, duration and location. We focus on delivering training and institutional strengthening to staff of functional bodies from the ministry level to district level by contracting on projects financed by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. CENCO also conducts research and studies activities to evaluate the risks of natural disasters, the socio-economic impact of climate change, and offers appropriate expertise and skills in regards to GIS set-up, application, and training.

Agriculture, irrigation:

They deliver expertise to improve sustainable development of primary industries including aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, livestock, food security and rural development. They cover all stages of the project cycle, from planning and implementation to monitoring and evaluation (including the development of participatory M&E systems). Their Agriculture services include: Socio-economic surveys and project design Community involvement, participatory processes and poverty alleviation Capacity building for relevant institutions, training of project staff and beneficiaries to meet project needs Irrigation planning and management Rural finance Agricultural production, processing and marketing.

Binh Bo pumping station

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